Hard to let go...

As a manager you need to trust your employees with difficult tasks. Give your employees insights in the team happiness and experience what autonomy can do for you.


Insights in team happiness and engagement levels. Get realtime feedback and give your employees insights in different topics and opinions.


Get insights in improvements and give your team the opportunity to solve with an solutions that fits your team.

Get the opportunity to compare different teams and learn from these situations. Moodforce will help you to nurture your team to success and through tough times.

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Moodforce online

The browser gives users access to:

  • Answering questions online
  • Turning on e-mail notifications

The browser gives admins access to:

  • Adding and maintaining a group
  • Inviting users to a group
  • Control which questions are most suited for a group
  • Control frequency and the way questions are asked to a group
  • View response rates

0-500 users

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501-more users

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An unexpected benefit: how mood monitoring made me feel connected!