Moodforce laptop
  • Measure

    Know the mood
    and where to improve

  • Crowd solve

    Community of co-workers come up
    with the best ideas for problems

  • Share

    Give the best solutions
    to those who can fix it

MoodForce is for those organisations that believe that a happy and positive workforce performs best. MoodForce is light hearted by nature so every user feels comfortable in frequently updating the community about their mood. This allows teams to actively monitor each other's well-being and act upon it.

Moodforce phone
  • Measure

    We continuously listen to co-workers through a easy and simple mobile app. We measure wellness, engagement, mental being, purpose and office to determine a happy, engaged and healthy workplace.

  • Crowd solve

    We believe in the creativity and problem solving capabilities of teams. Co-workers can propose ideas and solutions themselves in order to implement the best solution.

  • Share

    Measurement without solutions delivery is frustrating and demoralizing. We take care of this by bringing the best crowd sourced solutions to those who can fix it. The result is that your people are happy, healthy and engaged.

Simple and easy to start

Co-workers download an app from the android Playstore or Apple appstore and are immediately up and running. The app is easy and fun to use and co-workers get insights in the overall happiness. Managers login to a portal for complete control and insights, configuration is easy and fast.

Anonymous and safe

We process all user data anonymously to protect user privacy. Co-workers have the option to identify themselves if necessary. In this way we create a safe platform for optimal user adoption.

Data security

We provide a safe and secure platform and keep the highest security measurements. Working with large companies to ensure data security.

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