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A tool created to continuously measure co-workers engagement & happiness and get a change to improve this yourself. Find out what makes your team happy and engaged and what improvements work for you and your team!

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What do we measure?

Based on the ‘Wellbeing’ model of Seligman, a research paper from Energy project and harvard business review and an expert in the field of happiness, we measure six categories


Questions about exercise, nutrition, sleep and intermettent rest


Questions about results, skills, 
the ability to focus prioritization

Office happiness

Questions about facilities, 
salary and equipment


Questions about meaningful work and company alignment


Questions about how people 
are feeling

Moodforce in 3 steps



Know the mood and where to improve by continuously measuring 6 categories


Crowd solve

Community of co-workers come up with the best ideas for problems in the form of Missions



Share insights on what makes people happy and what missions works best. Insights are gathered from your workforce and other companies

An unexpected benefit: how mood monitoring made me feel connected!